Oh What a Wonderful World

Here we are, at the end of 2020, the longest year of anyone's life. If anyone would have told me that 2020 would have been like this, I would have laughed. We have seen hard times before, and we have seen pandemics before. 2020 though was out for the kill, and to be one of the most memorable years of my generation. I am not one who focuses on the craziness around me, but this year it was hard to not see it all. To really wonder what was going to happen to me, my family, my business I am growing. Will we keep our jobs, will we lose our house, will we lose everything? There are so many people out there that did indeed....lose everything. This year has challenged our whole world in general. This isn't an isolated event just for the US. This is worldwide, and it has been ROUGH. There were times where I had to really challenge myself as a creative. How do you come out on the other end of a pandemic, where no one is using your talents. Not that no one wanted to, we just literally were not allowed to. So I had to put my title as creative into overdrive, and come up with ways to expand and offer more to my clients than I ever imagined I would be this soon.

With all of that being said though.....it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I have doubled my client base, gotten back to my roots, and started really pushing towards my ultimate goal. I have so many things in the works for y'all, and I cannot wait to get it all out there. You know what they say though, all great things come with time and planning. That is exactly what I am doing, and I am doing it 100% with my community in mind. Not for me, not because it's what is popular, not because I want to make a ton of money, but because this industry is what I love. It is my ultimate passion, and overfills my cup on a daily basis. At then end of the day though I owe it all to you....my clients....my following....my teammates...my support system. If no one ever recommended me, shared my content, commented on social media posts, etc etc I would not be where I am today. I have no plans on stopping, and I am definitely still learning/growing in this industry. I cannot wait to see where the next 5 years take me. I cannot wait to see where my amazing clients take me. I cannot wait to see the visions I get to create. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you x1 million. All of my love, all of my gratitude goes to you guys.

This has been my most successful year in my career, and my life personally. I know not everyone can say the same, and I pray for our world-four our community- every.single.day. No one did anything to deserve this, and I can only hope that 2021 turns things around for everyone. That this makes us stronger, and we all grow from this pandemic. That our government becomes stronger, and we put our focus back on OUR people. Taking care of us, and doing what is right for us. Our community, our neighbors, our family....we need to put our focus back in the right places. Continue to build our communities, fight for our own people, and start tearing down brick walls. We have a lot of internal things that need to be fixed, and really have our hearts put into. I personally think that something greater knew that too. So I pray for peace, unity, guidance, and love in the coming year's. I cannot wait to see what happens and there is a big part of my heart that knows something great is coming.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Thank you for letting me create something special for you this year. Thank you for having faith in ME. I am truly so dang blessed with the best.

Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!

See y'all in 2021!